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A look into our application process

As Seen on Reddit: 

"Brookdale has the best residents I’ve ever seen. Outside resident rotators and attendings are amazed daily by what the interns and second years can manage. Also insane amounts of pathology that defy textbooks as these patients don’t have primary care for 20+ years despite numerous comorbidities due to poverty and lack of access."

How To Apply

Applications for residency  programs should be submitted through ERAS at

Complete details and timelines are available on the ERAS website. Applications for most residency programs can be submitted beginning September 2023; however, you can begin the process of preparing your application prior to that date through the ERAS website.

Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center complies with federal and city laws and orders prohibiting discrimination in employment. Such discrimination includes, but is not limited to, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status or sexual orientation.

How to get to know us pre-interview

New York is an amazing place to train and if not more amazing to live in!  We are excited to show you what life at Brookdale and NYC is like. Given the change to virtual interviews with COVID-19, we are also changing how we are doing Pre-Interview Socials. Please join us on our Instagram account to not only see posts about life at Brookdale but also to join us for special Instagram Live sessions where you can interact with current residents and faculty. Find us on Instagram @brookdale_em. You can also find us on Twitter for live tweets from our Wednesday conference didactics @BrookdaleEMres.

Questions about our program can also be directed to

Interview Day

Do not be nervous! Our EM Program Administrator, Smitia, will provide a thorough itinerary and interview day schedule, alleviating the stress and confusion of the big day. Interviews will again be conducted virtually (due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic) on Tuesdays anWednesdays and Fridays from late October through January. In short, the interview day consists of a presentation, three faculty interviews, and a resident-run interview. Candidates will receive a list of interviewers prior to the interview day.  You will also be welcome to ask any additional questions you may have about our program.

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