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I stayed at Brookale for ...

"The Residents! In the past 6 years, I have seen our residents rise to the occasion during repeated disasters - from prolonged tests of resilience like COVID-19 or IT downtimes to more isolated trials like mass causality events or pediatric cardiac arrests. It is the honor and privilege of my life that I get to educate you all - the people delivering care in this arena. You consistently make me proud. I want to thank all of our residents for being the self-driven, adult learners that you are. It is not easy to learn and thrive in the crucible that is our ED. I would not walk this path with anybody but you. Stay Frosty! "

John Morrison, M.D.,

Alumnus & Associate Program Director

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Our Alumni Practice All Over 
The Country.

Alumni Have Pursued Fellowships including: Simulation, Critical Care, Pain Management, Ultrasound.

We have a 100% fellowship match rate.

Many of our alumni work in community settings as well as academic centers.

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