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Resident Curriculum

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At Brookdale, a broad range of disease pathology combines with high acuity and severity of illness. In short, Brookdale patients are sick, often in unpredictable ways. This, combined with the clinical challenges of working in a safety-net hospital produces tremendous EM resident professional growth from the PGY- 1 to PGY – 3 year and leads to an exceptional level of clinical excellence. Along with strong didactics and 24 x 7 bedside teaching, our residency results in a graduate who is more than ready for the independent practice of EM- anytime, anywhere.

The amount of ED shifts per month vary by year: 

-PGY1: 17 shifts 

-PGY2: 16 shifts

-PGY3: 15 shifts

All shifts are 12 hours in length: 7a-7p, 11a-11p, or 7p-7a. This excludes shifts before and after Wednesday conferences: 

-Tuesday: 7a-7p, 11am-9pm, NO night shifts

-Wednesday: 2pm-10pm, 9pm-7am 

Weekly Academic Conferences and Simulation Sessions

Academic conferences: Every Wednesday from 9am-1pm

  • Didactic lectures and activities by core faculty 

  • Morbidity & Mortality presentation by a different resident every other week

  • Multiple learning modalities to help you learn. We love to create educational games and more!

  • PGY3 Senior Level Conference with advanced topics and skills labs Feb-June every year

  • Off site conferences with other NYC residency programs: ACEP Career Day, All NYC EM

  • Conference in Prospect Park: during the summer/fall when weather is nice, pets are welcome! 

Simulation Sessions: Every Wednesday from 8am-9am before conference

  • Sim sessions are held in our state-of-the-art simulation lab, includes neonatal, pediatric & adult cases 

  • Led by our Core Faculty

  • One PGY1, one PGY2, and one PGY3 for a total of 3 residents working together as a team.  

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Curriculum by PGY Level


All rotations are completed at Brookdale, except for EMS at Maimonides Medical Center

1) Orientation: 4 weeks 

2) Emergency Medicine: 24 weeks

3) Pediatric Emergency Medicine: 8 weeks (split into two 4 week blocks) 

4) Medical ICU: 4 weeks 

5) Cardiac ICU: 2 weeks 

6) Anesthesia (morning)/Ultrasound (afternoon): 3 weeks 

7) EMS at Maimonides Medical Center: 3 weeks 

Vacation: 4 weeks



All rotations are completed at Brookdale, except for PICU/NICU at SUNY Downstate and Pediatric EM at Maimonides Medical Center 

1) Emergency Medicine (Adult & Pediatrics): 28 weeks 

2) Critical Care Medicine (CCM): 4 weeks 

3) Cardiac ICU: 2 weeks 

4) Surgical ICU: 4 weeks 

5) Pediatric & Neonatal ICU: 4 weeks at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

6) Orthopedics: 2 weeks 

7) Ultrasound: 4 weeks 

8) Pediatric Emergency Medicine: 4 weeks at Maimonides Medical Center

Vacation: 4 weeks 


All rotations are completed at Brookdale 


International Elective & General Elective of your choosing:

-PGY3's in the past have rotated in Palliative Care, Interventional Radiology, Ultrasound, Shock Trauma at University of Maryland Medical Center, Toxicology at NYC Poison Control Center

1) Emergency Medicine (Adult & Pediatric): 34 weeks 

2) Obstetrics/Labor & Delivery: 2 weeks 

3) Elective: 4 weeks 

4) International Elective: 4 weeks 
5) ED Administration: 4 weeks 

Vacation: 4 weeks

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